New Miche Colors Still Available In Demi, Prima, Classic!

Enjoy More Colors Of Summer With Miche “Pamela” Edition, Available In Prima, Classic, Demi, And Petite!

Along with the colors of summer, Miche designer purses have some amazing Miche shells on sale or clearance. Drop by to see how much you can save on this trending fashion purse brand, with shells starting as low as $8.42.

Many new styles and colors available so get them while you can. All styles and colors to fit any mood, style, or occasion.

Summer Miche Colors Are Here, Get Your Miche Shells For Summer

New Releases Are In For The Summer! Summer Colors In Demi, Prima, Classic, And Petite Are In!

See newest and hottest colors for Summer 2014 in all your favorite Miche Shells! This season of colors are great for those Summer outfits that need to be expressed!

Available in Classic Shells, Prima Shells, Demi Shell, And Petite Shells, you’ll enjoy whichever size purse you want to go with when you are on the go. Don’t forget our Miche Jewelry as well, along with our many purse and handbag accessories.

More New Colors And Styles In Miche Demi, Prima, Classic, And Petite!

miche-shells-demi-jessenia-miche-purses-demi-handbag-prima-shell-bagsFor Those Women Who Are Into Fashion, Miche Is The Brand To Keep On Your Christmas List!

If you stay on top of fashion trends, then surely you’ve heard the buzz on Miche Purses and purse accessories.  These unique designer purses have taken hold of fashion as we know it, and changed it for the better.

Miche has released their new holiday colors for all to enjoy,  including new colors in Classic Shells, Demi, Prima, and Petite. You without a doubt love the new colors and purse styles the Miche designers have come up with this holiday season.

Take a look at the new or even the old styles and colors available today. Make sure to check out the SALES link and grab some of the discounted shells along the way. Great for gift ideas as well, you’ll give the gift that keeps on giving for that special someone.  Enjoy!

Miche Prima Shells Available Now!!


New Colors & Styles In The Miche Prima Shell Series!

Just a sneak peek of one of our most popular Miche Purses this holiday season are the Rebekah Miche Prima Shells.  With a fresh look that is sleek and ready to be on the go, it can compliment almost any outfit.

Our Prima Shells are our largest purse as far as size goes, but when you only need the purse shell, you never have to worry about spending too much. Miche Purses are designed to save you time and money, while also saving the lifespan of each shell.

Find our more and discover why Miche Purses are the talk of the town, see here

Miche Demi Shells For This Holiday Season Are Now Available!


The New Miche Demi Shells Are In, Just In Time For The Holidays!

The new colors and styles of Miche Demi Shells are now available and ready for your viewing pleasure. With the holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to get our hands on these new style shells.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift idea for Mom, sister, Aunt, Grandma, or any other special someone, Miche is the perfect for anyone into fashion and style.

Check out the Newest Miche Shells here –>>

New Miche Shells For The Holiday Season!


Designer Purse Lovers, See What Miche Designer Purses Have To Offer This Holiday Season!

The newest Miche Shells have arrived and are flying off the shelves. All of your favorite Miche Demi, Prima, Classic, and Petite shell colors are still available along with more NEW shells.

Miche Purses are a great gift idea for the holidays, and perfect for that certain someone you want to give the gift of fashion to. With various colors and styles, you are sure to find that perfect compliment to any attire or occasion.

See what’s new today in designer fashion with Miche!

Exclusive Offer For Photographers & Videographers!


Exclusive Offer For Photographers & Videographers!.