The Bigger The Better! Big Prima Purses By Miche

miche-prima-shells-berlin-miche-prima-handbag-shell miche-prima-shells-janice-miche-prima-handbag-shell miche-prima-shells-adrianna-miche-prima-handbag-shell

These are for those ladies who love the BIG purse. These are the biggest purses in the Miche collection called Prima. These Miche Prima Shells dimensions are (5″ x 15″ x 12″).

These purses fit just about anything your little heart desires. Anything from laptops, iPads, tablets, file folders, and of course all of your important “lady” essentials.

These Miche Prima Purses come in many many styles and colors designed by our professional designer handbag creators.

Take a look today and see how Miche Purses will indeed save you time and money on designer purses by Miche. The Media is also talking about Miche, see what Stars, magazines, and designers have to say about Miche.


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